DIY Marquee Lights


My very first DIY, woohoo! This feisty DIY Marquee Light set will be sure to spruce up any college dorm/apartment.



-Cardboard box letters ( I got mine from Joann’s Fabrics)

-String of globe lights (Target)

-Acrylic Paints

-X-Acto Knife

-Paint Brush

-OPTIONAL: 6×6 canvas (or any size relatively small)





I began by cutting out the front side of each cardboard letter with the X-Acto Knife. The cardboard may seem to be a little frayed, but don’t worry too much. It is not noticeable in the end. Although, if there are some long frays, you can cut/rip them off.

Then I marked where I wanted each light to go. Make sure you plan ahead on how many lights you want per letter! Or just follow what I did if you are also making the word, “Fuck”.


I used the circle on the bulb holder from the original packaging of the string lights to mark where I wanted each bulb.


Next, Use the X-Acto knife to cut across the circle you just traced. Make sure you cut two lines perpendicular to each other so it makes a cross in the center of the circle. Then, use a screwdriver or your finger to push through the cardboard where you cut the cross to open up the hole. You can see that now your light bulb will fit through the hole.


I decided to paint my letters red, but you could use any color you desire. Silver, gold, or black are also good options. If you are a fan of spray paint, feel free to use that to color your letters. Personally, I am a fan of painting, so I just stuck to my brush.


Then I strung the lights through the letters. It was a little difficult to screw the lightbulb in tight enough because of the cardboard, but it is possible! You can either cut the excess cardboard that is in the back, or very carefully flatten out the excess cardboard and use your muscles to screw in the light bulbs securely. It took some plugging and unplugging to find out which bulbs needed more attention.


Finally, you can plug it in and voila! Beautiful. Elegant.


I wanted to continue to amp up this decor, so I decided to paint on 6 6×6 canvases words that create phrases with “fuck”.


I have a decent background in painting, so I was able to freehand the font, but don’t worry if you can’t/don’t want to. All the fonts I used were found on Microsoft Word, so they can be printed off, cut out, and used as stencils.


Here’s a list of the fonts I used:

“Holy” – Monotype Corsiva

“What the” – Impact

“let’s” – Brush Script MT

“Yeah” – Elephant

“off” – Gabriola

“It” – Segoe UI Black


**My mom said that this sign made me look like an easy target and that I don’t respect myself. I wasn’t going to anger the beast even more by hanging it up. But I will when I move into my campus house and I will update with more pictures!


Alright Kids,

Have fun


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